White Night on Azamara Cruise in St. Barts


At a very young age, drawing was prominent in my soul. After years of seeking, experimentation and researching while working in art materials retail, 2004 brought on the opportunity to develop a new art school for Curry's Art Supplies Ltd., and it was a great blessing. I believe my subsequent collaborations with notable Canadian artists was critical to the development of my own artistic style. During my time at Curry's and later at Tri-Art Mfg., I had the good fortune to become a recognized art products specialist and educator, lecturing and presenting at respected international art trade shows throughout Canada and the United States.

In 2007 I founded Shared Palette, an interactive art entertainment venture for events. Shared Palette has been, and remains dearest to my heart. It is a wonderful forum in which guests at special events participate in creating extraordinary, collaborative artworks.

On a personal note, I have been a featured artist in a number of Canadian publications, filmed two online classes with Craftsy/Bluprint, and have participated in numerous exhibitions. Compassion for the natural world has resulted in my works being published, commissioned, and privately collected.